Getting Started with IndieGalley

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This website is a dream a long time in the making for me.  I’ve tried to build this site twice now using exclusively WordPress CMS, but failed because it required too much manual input to maintain (especially for someone who works as many 12 hour days as I do).  I am now building it using a combination of WordPress (for simple theme generation), PHP and mySQL, which will make it completely automated (I even have plans for archive functions to be automated through CRON jobs and phpMyAdmin).

Initially, my plan is to start with 2 types of listings: book reviews and blog posts.  They’ll be free initially and I’ll eventually move toward a combination of free and paid listings as traffic to the site increases, but I’m hoping that I’ll never have to charge more than $5-$10/listing on the site.  I’ll also have a book review management system early on as well so reviewers can more easily keep up with the books they’re reviewing.

I’ve added Feedback and Customer Service forms (though the Customer Service form isn’t necessary at the moment, but I do like to be prepared…) so you can let me know what types of features you’d like to see on the website.  I’m open to any and all feedback.  This site is intended to be a resource to Indie and Self-Published authors as well as the bloggers, readers, and reviewers who wish to support them.  I want the site to be what you need.

I’ve also created a Mailchimp mailing list so you can be kept informed on when features go live.  For example, when free listings become available.  Hopefully, that will be within the next few weeks, but I’m also coming up on the single busiest time of the year at work (researchers and grad students have semesters ending which means they’ll be sending in their samples for analysis in freakish numbers).  I’ll keep everyone informed here, and via Mailchimp.

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